Alright, we're going to attempt this blogging-every-day thing again. It happened in November, during National Blog Posting Month. Apparently after that effort got started several years ago, lots of people wanted to do it every month, so now it's become a thing every month with a theme. January's theme is "friends."

So, in the spirit of friends, here's another picture of well-traveled Sandbar tees, this time in the celebrity mecca of Hollywood!

I traveled to L.A. a few months ago for the wedding of a college friend and former Sandbar regular, along with a group of girls who still occasionally frequent the bar. Of course, Becki and I took our Sandbar shirts along.


This spot at the Griffith Park Observatory  was the closest we could get to the Hollywood sign- I'm sure there are better photo ops, but our schedule didn't allow us to spend much time on this. The Hollywood sign really is back there- I circled it.

Got a picture somewhere outside of Lawrence with your Sandbar tee? Send it to us!