Here's a great picture from our friend Rachel in Chicago. She posted it on Twitter and was kind enough to email us a few words about it.

20100728_rachel chicago 

Though we've seen Sandbar shirts worn everywhere from China to
Europe to the beaches, we'd never seen one worn up at 14,500ft in the
air. So naturally, when getting ready to skydive in Wisconsin last
Friday, Brian donned his going-on-seven-year-old Sandbar shirt for good
luck. And lucky it was; despite early morning rain and wind we ended up
jumping out of the plane that afternoon. From the freefall we could see
Lake Michigan and all the way from the Milwaukee to the Chicago
skyline. It was the most amazing feeling; almost as cool as a hurricane
in the middle of Kansas!

Being away from Lawrence doesn't keep the Sandbar far from our hearts, no matter what our altitude is! 🙂