If you love Jimmy Buffett or the Sandbar, you'll love this.

We celebrated former staff member Erick's birthday last weekend at a party at his parent's house. (His parents are very cool Sandbar friends, too.) The family members are huge Buffett fans and have traveled to many concerts over the years and collected lots of memorabilia.

Where do they display it? Why, the bathroom of course.


A friend of theirs who owned a display company (I think) gave them a lighted palm tree. There's grass skirts and coconut bras on the walls. Flamingos and margarita and parrot images are everywhere. A huge frame above the counter has pictures from every Buffett concert they've been to (with Erick in the same Hawaiian shirt every time!) and sharks on top of it.  We even gave them a Sandbar tabletop frame advertising Landshark. 

And there's a fish tank. With real fish.

Who can top this?