Last month, my parents went on a 10-day cruise around Northern Europe. It was a tour sponsored by the K-State Alumni Association, of which they are not members but some of their friends are, and it included various excursions that were agriculture related and therefore of a business interest to my father.

Before they left, my mom ordered eight Sandbar t-shirts to take along for them and their friends to wear at various places for photo opportunities.

Here are a couple of the pictures I have so far.


One of their stops was at the Icebar cph by Icehotel. It's at the Hotel Twentyseven in Copenhagen. Basically, everything is frozen. The tourists all got what my dad called "eskimo coats" upon entry, and they wore them the entire time they were in the bar except when they took the picture above. The drinks were even served in ice "glasses."

The other picture I have is of some of the group posing in Sandbar shirts in front of the Little Mermaid statue, also in Copenhagen. This was the only picture I requested from them- I thought it would be fun to have Sandbar shirts with the Little Mermaid! I was surprised, though, how small the statue is.


They took some other pictures wearing Sandbar shirts while they were on vacation. I asked if they got any funny looks when they whipped out these shirts to put on over their regular clothes, but my mom said there were so many other tourists doing other goofy stuff, that no one seemed to give them any thought at all. 

If you have pictures of a Sandbar shirt in an exotic location- meaning outside of Lawrence (unless you're doing something really cool in town, that is)- email it to us or bring it by to add to our wall!