One of our funniest and most popular shirts is back in stock.

Graduation009 copy Graduation010

The "Small But Fun" Sandbar shirt made it's debut last year on the day of KU's annual graduation ceremony. The staff wore them while serving drinks to Blair, Chris, and Joe's graduation party-goers.

They've been in stock a few times since that first run, but not for quite some time. The other night after a customer offered cash for the shirt off John's back (he didn't take it), Dave decided it was time to bring them back.

He spent yesterday afternoon holed up in the tiny printing closet upstairs, and now you can have your very own funny Sandbar shirt. These are $15 each and we have sizes small through double extra large.

We also now have plain red short sleeved shirts with the large Sandbar logo on the front; these are just $12 each.

On that note, overheard today:  "Just a little bit more."

"That's what she said."