Wednesday early-evening bartender Hayley might be graduating from KU this weekend, but like other recent graduates Joe, Blair, and Chris, she's not graduating from The Sandbar just yet.

3111_706097787379_16825275_40688057_7096398_n  Hayley started working at the Sandbar last year. The story of how she got a job here is kind of interesting- her father was Dave's high school basketball coach. Yes, all those many years ago. In fact, Hayley was just a twinkle in her father's eye when Dave was playing high school basketball. But don't remind him of that, it makes him feel old.

Once Hayley turned 21 she started frequenting The Sandbar, and one day she asked Dave if he needed any more bartenders. Dave quickly found a shift for his favorite coach's daughter, and lucky for us, she's still around.

One of Hayley's favorite memories from the bar involved KU basketball. She had a big group of friends who flew in from Liberal, Kansas, some of whom were friends and former students of her dads. They came by The Sandbar to grab a few drinks before the game, but they had so much fun that they ended up staying the whole evening- skipping the game and watching it on TV at The Sandbar!

Her newest favorite memory of Sandbar fun is the recent sand volleyball tournament in Ottawa, where thanks to here we managed to have enough people for two teams.

Hayley will be walking down the hill on Sunday as her undergraduate college career comes to a close. She will of course be celebrating at The Sandbar after the big walk and invites all of her friends and customers to stop by and say hello!  And buy her a Bahama Mama, it's her favorite Sandbar drink.