Working in a bar can teach a lot of useful skills in life. You learn how to deal with people, especially rude and demanding ones. You also learn how to socialize both with people you like and those you don't. You meet lots of new people, and if you're lucky you remember their name and not just w hat they drink.

IMG_1438 Former staff member Maynard learned lots of skills during his time at The Sandbar. He'll probably say he had all those skills before he started working there and merely brought them along, but we know better.  He worked the door and tended bar sometimes for several years while he lived in Lawrence.

A few years ago, Maynard moved south to Garnett with his lovely wife to take over his own insurance company. Almost immediately he was super involved in the community doing all kinds of things. He was on the city commission in almost no time at all.

A few weeks ago, we found out that Maynard became Mayor of the town. Yes, you read that correctly- mayor! He's now running his own town and we couldn't be more proud.

Oh, and another one of those skills you learn at The Sandbar? Goofy dance moves like those for "The Safety Dance."