We've had a webcam set up in The Sandbar for many years now, and it's an endless source of entertainment.

We purposely chose a camera that keeps the picture a little fuzzy and a little dark so we can protect the privacy of our patrons somewhat, but if you know who you're looking for you can usually find them. That's been a problem in the past for some of our bartenders with jealous girlfriends.

Every once in awhile, we get a strange phone call or email about the webcam. One day when I was off work, I spent the afternoon sitting at the bar while Dave worked. Some random guy from who knows where called, and tried to convince Dave that he had been in the bar a few minutes ago and needed to talk to the girl sitting at the bar. Right.

Another time, a different random left a comment right here on the blog informing us that we need to keep an eye on our "janitors" because he could see what they were doing as they cleaned in the morning. Right.

Today, though, we got an email from Stuart in Scotland:

Your Sandbar looks great fun.

I can access your camera in your bar – through this address – I veiw it only

occassionally. http://cam.thesandbar.com/view/index.shtml

You may wonder why – I have a bar in Falkirk, Central Scotland and I find it

interesting just to check whats happening in our bars around the world. I

like checking out other bars menu, drinks etc. Your web site is very good,

clear and informative.

He left us a link to his bar, The Orchard, which is located in a hotel and appears to have several webcams of its own.  When Peach read the email, she decided we needed to have a Sandbar trip to Scotland to check out the place.

Have you checked out our webcam?