The annual Sandbar Christmas party was on Sunday and I promised I would share some stories here today. I also have about eighty pictures to choose from, although I'm not sure how many of those are suitable for the internet. But, that didn't stop Pat from posting them on Facebook….

Anyway, the party was fun. Of course it was, we're a fun bunch of people. Everyone was encouraged to wear their best Christmas attire. Andrew was in charge of transportation this year. Since he can't tend bar yet, we like to give him other jobs to make him feel important. They're really the jobs no one else wants, but he doesn't need to know that.

Andrew did a great job of setting us up with a party bus that picked us up at The Sandbar at 4:30. (We start our parties early.) We headed south to Ottawa and the new Sandbar Subs shop that will be opening next month. I'll tell you all about the shop in another post, but trust me, you're going to want to check this place out.

We joined the staffs from the Sandbar in Ottawa, the Lodge in Baldwin City, the Crystal Plaza movie theater, and the folks from the new sub shop. Peach and her crew put out food, we toured the new building, and spent a lot of time playing the video games upstairs. And we experimented with new drinks. Ask Heather about the Captain Morgan suicides next time you see her.

Sandbar Christmas Party_0014
Sandbar Christmas Party_0015

Sandbar Christmas Party_0016
Sandbar Christmas Party_0017

After a few hours, it was time to head back to Lawrence. Though we were sad to depart the fun in Ottawa, we all looked forward to the bus ride home. It's always a little more…interesting on the trip home.

Tomorrow: The Party Arrives in Lawrence

Oh, and for those of you who celebrated today, Happy Festivus!