Can you believe it's November already? It's time to start planning our St. Patrick's Day float!

The blog stayed fairly busy last month. There were 863 visits, which is more than the 689 last year during October, and a few more than last month's 804. Average number of visits every day was almost 28. At least I'm not losing people.

One of my favorite parts of the statistics page for the blog is the referral page- or the silly things people type into Google that lead them here.

  • I was surprised to see this show up one day. I clicked on the link and found myself on a blog dedicated to exactly that- making jello shots. I was also surprised to see that the owner of the blog had pretty much cut and pasted my entire post about our jello-fish shots onto their blog. Not cool.

  • So, when I wrote about Gmail's new feature, Mail Goggles, I had no idea that Google apparently has a magic feature that automatically adds a link to anything that links to them (I know, I should have known better, it's Google after all). Within minutes of posting, the Sandbar blog was inundated with what seemed like five thousand visitors from Google.

hurricane famouses

  • I don't know about hurricanes, but I can tell you where to go to learn adjectives and proper placement of them.

what do mermaids have for fashion

And, my favorite search phrase of all time….

how do you dress up as a hurricane for Halloween

I don't have an answer for that one.