September is usually the slowest month of the year at The Sandbar, which might seem ironic to some since we're located in a college town. We attribute the slowdown to everyone getting back into the swing of the school year and checking out new places, then slowly finding their way back to their old favorite.

The blog was no different- visits in September numbered exactly seven more than the month before; not much of an increase. But, more importantly, the 804 visits this year were a big improvement over the 627 for September of last year.

What were people searching for this month on the internet?

Once hurricane season begins, the Google searches for hurricane information dramatically increase. Some of the amusing ones this month, which I haven't seen before:

  • What happens when two hurricanes feed each other?
  • Poem for wedding during hurricane
  • What happens to fish during a hurricane

And of course, the most popular search of all time featuring the word hurricane, "what happens during a hurricane."

The keyword searches that people used this month which led them to The Sandbar weren't all that interesting or unusual. Lots of people looking for all things mermaid- decor, paintings, and pictures. And lots of people looking for Landshark Lager stuff. And other Sandbar locations. The usual stuff.