Several years ago, after a particularly fun Independence Day celebration to which the Maynard's brought their pink drink that was subsequently christened the "Pink Flamingo," Dave decided to start selling said concoction at The Sandbar.

It's a refreshing, cherry limeade-y drink, and it's been fairly popular. However, we've struggled to find the perfect trinket to adorn this drink. Long ago, our favorite toy supplier had some really fun hot pink bendy flamingos (similar to the bendy pirates) but inexplicably they stopped selling them. So, usually, those who order the Pink Flamingo end up with the same beads or other toys that the Bahama Mama drinkers get.

Two days ago I made an offhand comment right here on the blog about people searching the internet for flamingo toys, not really expecting any kind of response, much less a helpful one, but my good friend Becki decided that our dilemma was more important than her homework, and she found me some flamingos. More than one choice of flamingos, actually. 

The new flamingo trinkets have been ordered and should arrive within a week. And I know you will all love them! They are perfect for The Sandbar. And best of all they were in our target price range for drink trinkets.

Stop by to try out the Pink Flamingo, if you haven't already, and pick up a brand new toy! Once they arrive, I'll share a photo.

Now when people search the internets for flamingo toys, they'll end up here.