We've tried lots of different styles of shirts over the years, but our most popular shirt remains the simple t-shirt with a large Sandbar logo printed on the front.

Royal blue shirts with white ink seem to be the most in-demand color combination- whether it's because of the local university who uses a similar shade of blue or because Sandbar fans just like blue. Red is also pretty popular, and those of you waiting for either a red or blue shirt are in luck, because Dave just printed up a new batch of shirts.

Something new this time is a ladies cut red t-shirt. We've tried ladies shirts in the past, but it's really hard because the ladies are pretty particular about how their shirt fits. They have to take them out of the bag, try them on, and then the shirts never get folded properly or put back into the bag, and we have a mess on our hands.

These red shirts, however, aren't the typical tight, baby doll t-shirts- they're pretty much the same as the men's, except they are slightly fitted, have shorter sleeves, and are slightly shorter at the waist. If you wear a small in the men's style shirt that we always carry, you'll wear a small in the new ladies shirt. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to choose a shirt.

We'll try these and see how it goes, and if. All of the new logo shirts are $12, come in and get yours while they last!