Awhile back (okay, nearly a year ago), I asked fans of The Sandbar to submit pictures of themselves wearing their Sandbar attire in exotic places. I didn't get a lot of response, other than from the usual people who respond, like Pat and Justin, but we did finally get a spot on the wall designated for the few pictures we've received.

Thanks to Ken- and a very slow shift at the bar one day- for moving a bunch of pictures from the corkboard by the popcorn machine and putting them on the opposite wall. The newly cleared space now contains our very small collection of Sandbar shirt pictures.

We have pictures of people hunting, horseback riding, fishing in Key West, cruising in the Bahamas, on a beach, at a Royals game, and posing with a llama- all while wearing Sandbar shirts. There used to be a picture of Michelle with a short bus, but someone must have really liked it because it's gone.

This wall is also where we'll put pictures of people while at another Sandbar, even if they aren't actually wearing a Sandbar shirt.

Whenever a fun new picture arrives at the bar, we'll highlight it here along with a story from the person in the picture. Look how bare the board is right now- send us some pictures!