I thought perhaps that title would get your attention, since New Year’s Eve is still many months away and not even a flicker of a thought in our heads yet.

However, someone out there is already planning the Sandbar New Year’s Eve 2009 party, and it’s not us.  I found this on the internet today and it really surprised me. I kind of hate to link to this page because they’re obviously trying to get naive people to buy something they can’t really sell, but it was just too comical to not share with you.

This site claims that you can sign up on their website- which has nothing to do with The Sandbar- and be the first to know about what’s going on for New Year’s 2009. What’s even funnier is that they claim you can be notified as soon as tickets go on sale. And, that you’ll get to buy your tickets at the lowest cost possible.

I laughed out loud. Who are these people? Trust me, when New Year’s rolls around and we decide what we’re doing for the big party, this site right here will be the first to share the information. And tickets? Whatever. We tried that one year, it was a pain in the you-know-what, and we’ve never done it again.

Don’t sign up on this website for information about The Sandbar. All I can assume is they are trying to collect email addresses for spam. They’re definitely not affiliated with us.