Today I got an email with the subject line of “look who’s in the news!” from my college buddy Brad. It contained a link to an article in the Lawrence Journal-World. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link and up popped a picture of my husband.

Apparently, Dave neglected to tell me that yesterday, after he got his snazzy new haircut, the LJW “On the Street” reporter stopped him for a quick interview. Knowing how controversial some of the questions they ask can be, and how the respondents subsequently get pummeled in the comment section online, Dave asked what the question was before he agreed to be quoted.

It was pretty harmless:

Do you prefer advance voting or voting on election day?

Dave’s picture was featured first along with his eloquent answer:

I like to vote on Election Day. I’m a hands-on type of guy. I like to go in, fill out the form, put it in the machine, and know my vote got counted.

You can see his picture and read the other answers here. You can also read the comments that readers have left, including one where the author is surprised that Dave was let out of the Sandbar to answer this question.