Because it’s summer….and because it’s my birthday.

Here on the blog, it was a pretty good month too. Not the best one ever, that actually belongs to May, oddly enough.

June had exactly the same number of visits to the blog- 836- as April. I can’t explain the spike in visits during May, it must have been that glorious guest post about Frank by Chad. That’s roughly 28 visits per day. At least my crowd is steady.

So what brought about those 836 visits, other than the witty banter in the comments between Pants, Pattoo, and Frank (and occasionally a few other voices)?  Here’s what people were searching for in June:

Picture of a jukebox and people dancing:  Well, we’ve got plenty of that. I don’t know if I actually have a picture of the jukebox on here anywhere, but pretty much every picture has someone dancing.

What can a sandbar become? :  That is a loaded question, my friends. I’ll let you answer that one in the comments.

Joe’s Crab Shack Shark in the Water recipe: First of all, this is not Joe’s recipe. It is ours. And it is not “shark in the water.”

Joe’s Crab Shack is a rip off:  I have nothing personal against Joe’s. I just thought this one was funny.

Sandbar house living: Ask Scotty Mac about that one. In fact, that reminds me of a good story for a future blog post here…

What are Sandbar tickets? : We don’t know either. You can search all you want, but you won’t find them.

Mermaid fashion show: Right here, every night at 10 o’clock, the hurricane will start. And the lovely mermaids will show off their fashions.

Hogwash Sandbar: That pretty much sums it all up right there.

And there were the usual Sandbar places that people were trying to find: in Minnesota, Hawaii, and also “Sandbar Colorado naked,” along with “the most popular place to visit in Virginia.”

The internet is a funny thing.