Whenever I start to get desperate for things to write about here, I turn to the always-reliable Google and inevitably I find something good that I haven't seen before.

Awhile back I discovered a site where readers can post reviews of all sorts of places; today I found the same thing, different site. The cool thing about this one, though, is there was a picture of our building pre-lime green and tiki head facade!


Here's what "polrbear" had to say about us:

This place is rather small, but is completely dedicated to Florida and Jimmy Buffett. There ain't much more than him in the jukebox. The best thing is that late night some girls decide to get up and dance on the bar after they've had too many. But can you really respect somebody who feels moved by "Cheeseburger in Paradise"?

Oh, come on, there's lots more than Jimmy on our jukebox. And boys get on the bar, too.