May was a pretty busy month around the Sandbar blog, second only to last March and all of the St. Patrick's day related searching that brought new visitors.

We had a grand total of 1,045 visitors to the blog in May; in May 2007, there were 697, so that was a pretty big increase. It was also more than April, so we're steadily seeing an increase in visitors each month which makes me happy.  An average of almost 34 visits per day might not seem impressive to some, but I'll take it.

So, what were the top search terms that led folks to The Sandbar blog in May?

  • Honor Vodka– two local guys did a great job creating a brand new vodka, right here in Lawrence. I talked about it a few months back, they added us to their press page, and now people looking for the vodka also end up here. Turns, out an old friend of ours set up their web page. It's a small world.
  • Uncle Fatty's Rum Resort- Wow. I couldn't believe how many people out there are looking for this place. I mentioned the Sandbar look-alike last month, and apparently I was the only one on the internet talking about it, because everyone came here
  • Sandbar, various locations- Some people are looking for The Sandbar in Lawrence or Ottawa, but lots of internet searchers want to know about The Sandbar in Dallas…Long Beach…Arizona…or most of all, it seems, the one in San Antonio.
  • Michelle Kwan- This one surprised me. Apparently the Olympic medalist still has a contingent of obsessive fans who track everything that appears about her on the internet. Danny and John claim she was in The Sandbar one night, and who am I to question those two. 

And, as usual, we're still a magnet for all things Land Shark Lager. And hurricanes and mermaids.

Come back tomorrow for some of the more unusual search terms that I learned will bring you here.