Around The Sandbar, you have to watch what you say. The guys are pretty quick to add "that's what she said" after almost anything you could possibly say, turning every conversation into a joke.

I started to wonder where this phrase came from- and why- so I went to the knower of all things, Google.

According to, one of the first occurrences can be traced back to Wayne's World, the SNL skit turned movie, circa 1992:

[Holding Claudia Schiffer picture]
Garth: Hey, are you done yet? I'm getting tired of holding it.
Wayne: Yeah, that's what she said.

What I was really excited (note sarcasm) to see, however, is that some random guy actually created a holiday just for this phrase- and on February 15, no less. {That would be the day after Valentine's Day for those of you, like my husband, who aren't paying attention.} It was initially started as a Facebook event and has spread through word of mouth. Your goal on this day? To work "that's what she said" into conversations as relevantly and frequently as possible.

Anyway, just before Graduation, the guys finally figured out a way to tie this phrase to The Sandbar. Dave printed up a few shirts that day for the staff, and very soon we'll be printing more to sell to our adoring fans.

Here it is, in all it's glory:

Graduation009 copy Graduation010

If you think you might want one, check back. We hope to have them ready to sell this month. And mark your calendar for next February 15, when you, too, can partake in the International "That's What She Said" Day.