Just another night at The Sandbar with the fabulous Heather…


Scotty has totally saved me tonight. My karma was all off and it
showed. I couldn't find anything, like light bulbs, cut my thumb, and
broke 2 full Miller Lite bottles. ot five minutes later, my karma must
have rubbed off on the customers. How cruel life is.  A table of six
bumped their table, broke a glass, and drenched one of them in the

hurricane got started without the poem, as I hit the button too
freakin' early and didn't think I could turn it off.  The rain part was
quite popular with the Boulevard rep who was in the bar. 
fed the fishies and all the customers left. We watched "Who Wants to be
a Millionaire" while discussing what we would do with money of that
magnitude.  Scotty saved me by changing the Coke, helping mop the
multiple spillages, and finding the light bulbs.

Peace to you my fellow bartenders and door guy and in general Sandbar brethren.