Dean was back in town yesterday. And he’s now an official doctor. A real one.

You might recall, he was back in town a few months ago and inspired a funny (at least I thought it was) conversation between me and Dave. And Dean was also part of the discovery of the Sandbar ghost, and I just realized I never finished that story. Next chapter coming soon, I promise.

Dean was here this time to defend his dissertation. He was successful and is now the proud owner of a doctoral degree. He’s also a professor at the University of Evansville and one of our favorite former Sandbar-tenders and door guys.

Some of us met Dean down at the bar last night for a few drinks. We headed around the corner to Yokohama, a new sushi place that opened up downtown. I admit I was skeptical, not being an adventurous eater, but this place was awesome.

After we flustered the hostess by requesting a table for eight, we stopped at the bar for sake bombs. Fun! And something we don’t really get to do at The Sandbar. Then we parked ourselves at our little table in a semi-private room; and good thing, for our group was quite loud and obnoxious. It’s not every day that we get to see Dean and reminisce about fun times.

Great server; great food; great friends.

Maybe one of these days I’ll finally get Dean to fill out one of those "Where Are They Now" surveys that I’ve inundated our former staff members with, and you can learn even more about him.