I forgot to let you know that I added pictures from New Year’s Eve to the Img_3790album.

I always try to upload pictures
that include a wide variety of people, so that it looks like more than just the same five people actually go to The Sandbar, but sometimes it’s hard because I tend to take pictures of the same five people. Because I know them, and they do funny things.

Usually, other people share their pictures with me so that I have more to choose from, but it’s almost halfway through the first month of the new year and I have yet to see anyone else’s pictures. Come on, people, get with it; I have a blog to write and people to entertain.

So, check out the photos I have so far from the most recent New Year’s Eve party. No theme this year, though you really can’t tell from the pictures, because there’s always someone who shows up in some wierd costume. And if you have any photos to share, send them my way.

{If you don’t understand why this young man is standing on the bar wearing a blow-up fat suit on New Year’s Eve, don’t feel bad. It’s a long story.}