Some interesting and scary news out of Missouri yesterday.Okay, okay, no Missouri jokes.

I was hanging out on my couch reading the newspaper and a little story in the corner caught my attention.  The suburban St. Louis town of St. Charles is considering putting a law on the books to crack down on the horrific crimes of swearing in bars, profane music, drinking contests (okay, this one should be illegal already), and dancing on tabletops.

Apparently a city councilman thinks laws like this are necessary because the town gets too rowdy at night, and policemen need (more) rules to enforce so that the townsfolk can, well, stay home and do nothing. Let’s hope that our own city commission doesn’t get any crazy ideas like this one.

Here’s a link to the article.

I chose to link you to the article on MSNBC’s website, instead of the LJW’s, because I loved their title for the article. It’s very appropriate for Lawrence:

"But If I Go Outside, I Might Offend The Smokers."

I wish I could be witty like that.