Q from one of my new favorite blogs tagged us for this look back into our history. I’ve been digging through the posts that have been written since this blog started back in September, 2006, to find some good ones.

Here’s the deal:
Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below.

I’m also supposed to pass this on to five other bloggers so they can do the same. But I’m probably going to plead lazy again and skip that part.

Link 1 is a little bit of FAMILY: A Trip Down Massachusetts

  • We like to refer to ourselves as the "Sandbar family." Once you’ve worked there or been a regular, you’ve become part of that family, whether you like it or not. I chose this link because St. Patrick’s Day is biggest day of the year for the Sandbar and a day when our "family" is all together.

Link 2 is a little bit of FRIEND: Jack Sparrow in The Sandbar

  • Obviously, we have lots of friends. But this guy was one of our favorites. We liked him so much, we gave him a cameo in our new video (which will be unveiled on New Year’s Eve!)

Link 3 is a little bit of YOURSELF: Love is in the Air

  • Awww, the story of how Dave and I met.

Link 4 should be your LOVE: Dave is a Trivia Question

  • There were lots of posts about Dave to choose from, but this was one of my favorites. How many people can ever say they were a trivia question?

Link 5 can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE: Wrapping up 2006

  • This post is an example of why I started this blog- to keep a written record of all things funny, sad, and wierd that happen at The Sandbar.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, I know I did.