Angie manages to make it back to Lawrence every once in awhile for a visit.  We caught up with her recently and asked our questions so that you could learn all about her.

How long did you work at The Sandbar?
2 years, until June 2006.

Angie_and_ron How did you get the job? I was enjoying some cocktails one night and assisted a very inebriated, very large woman, who was grabbing bottles from behind the bar, out the door to avoid a police conflict.  Matt and Will thanked me with Coronas and Dave’s phone number. We met up the next week and the rest was history. I started on Monday’s and moved to Wednesday’s the next year.

How long were you a customer first?
I’ve loved the Sandbar since late 1999.

Other jobs you’ve had? I"m currently a social worker in Boulder, CO, but have dabbled in landscaping, banking, substitute teaching, baking, administratively assisting, and painting.

Favorite job besides The Sandbar?
Landscaping in sunny Colorado with a crew of 10 hilarious, non-English speaking Mexican men.

Favorite drink to drink?
Colorado Bulldog with beer following a close second.

Favorite drink to make? Colorado Bulldog- so pretty and foamy.

Most embarrassing moment at the bar? Every time I was up ON the bar.

Favorite memory at the bar? Every time I was up on the bar. Have to say, each night I worked or patroned, a good memory was made. What a place! 

Favorite jukebox song?
"Use Me" by Bill Withers and "Southern Cross" by CSNY.

Song you never want to hear again?
"Margaritaville."  Sorry!

Favorite bar dancing song? "Car Wash."

Favorite Sandbar float? Grease.

Longest you’ve waited in line?
40 minutes.

Hobbies? I’m usually up for anything, but I consistently enjoy Happy Hour. Is that a hobby?

Favorite Quote?
"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars."  Henry Van Dyke.

Favorite music? reggae, folk, alternative.

Favorite ice cream? soft serve from Dairy Queen.Mandy_angie_heather2

If you could live anywhere? Lawrence, KS!

5 Random Things About Angie

  • I have a lazy eye.
  • I have 26 first cousins.
  • I have jumped out of an airplane.
  • I’ve moved every year for the last 10 years.
  • I can drive a bobcat.

Feel free to leave your comments about fun times with Angie!