Our good friend and former bartender Rheva has retired from her day job.

Getdowntown015Rheva worked a shift behind the bar several years ago.  Anytime I can’t remember exactly when someone worked, it becomes "several years ago."  After awhile all the years kind of run together.  She also worked at The Lodge of Baldwin City in their bar for quite some time.  For those of you unfamiliar with this little motel, it’s one of Peach and Ted’s other ventures.

Rheva can always be counted on for a good time.  She can party longer than I can, for that matter.  She and her partner Dave host fun gatherings at their pool every summer and their group of friends range from her granddaughter’s age to retirement age.  When we asked her what she’s going to do now that she’s retired, she laughed and said "Play!"  She already did plenty of that, but hopefully we’ll see her and Dave at the bar more often now that a pesky job isn’t taking up her time.

Oh, and she won a wet t-shirt contest in Cancun one time.

Retirement festivities are going on at The Sandbar as I write.  A quick glance at the webcam shows a full house.  It should be a long, fun night.