About a month ago, we got the Sandbar staff together for a photo opportunity.  Being the loving family that we are, we also included a random assortment of regulars and significant others.  I think we were only missing one or maybe two staff members.

The product of this gathering became the back page ad for Chalk magazine, a student-produced magazine sponsored by the Lawrence Journal-World. It’s published once per semester and about 15,000 copies are distributed around town. It features a variety of student-friendly articles and advertisements.  It’s actually a pretty cool little magazine.

Our ad, of course, was the best part.  Here it is in all it’s glory:


We had the photographer take a variety of group shots, and while he was doing his thing we gave our own camera to a friend so we’d have our own pictures to use.  One of our favorites was of the front of the building, with all of us hanging out the windows of both floors.  It’s a great shot of the building and really captures the spirit of The Sandbar.  Of course, the ugly orange traffic cone really makes the picture, don’t you think? But we needed something to keep people from parking in the prime spot right in front of the building.  I wish the picture was a little closer so you could see the people better, but you get the idea.