Seems like we’ve been in the news a lot lately.

Today, while bored at work and reduced to reading the UDK for entertainment, I found The Sandbar featured prominently in an article about how to spend Fall Break if you are one of the unfortunate ones who aren’t going somewhere cool.  {Of course most of you reading this probably have no idea what Fall Break even is, since you likely spend your days working full time instead of lounging at Wescoe Beach, so the article is of no use to you.}

The UDK writer suggests that The Sandbar would be a great destination for Friday night.  You can read the article here.

It always amuses me to read what others write about our place.  The facts are usually mostly accurate but it’s also obvious when the writer isn’t a regular.  We don’t have "bags" of popcorn. And there doesn’t have to be three men or women dressed as the mermaid.  We’re happy to just have one. It really depends on how many costumes haven’t walked out the door.

But, I was impressed that the "The" in our name was consistently capitalized.