Everybody get downtown tomorrow night!  {In a wierd way, that makes me feel like saying "Everybody Wang Chung tonight…but anyway…}

The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, among others, is hosting the second annual Get Downtown! street party on Friday, September 14.  The fun starts at 4 p.m. (although if you’re at The Sandbar, the fun will start long before that) with a DJ and two bands, the Twang Daddies and our favorite, $ell out!

And, once again, the party takes place on our front porch. Eighth Street will be blocked off between New Hampshire and Massachusetts so we’re right in the middle of the action.  We’ll have our popular beer garden set up on the sidewalk again so folks can enjoy the live music and be outdoors, but still be at The Sandbar too. Of course you can wander out of our area to sample the food from various local restaurants, or if you just want to dance out in the street instead of on a bar.

So if you aren’t doing anything else (and if you are, change your plans now!), head on down to 8th and New Hampshire Streets tomorrow afternoon.