So last Tuesday was pretty crazy at The Sandbar. Dave said he saw things that he’s never seen there in the fourteen years he’s been there.

It all started when a woman decided to have a party celebrating her divorce. Apparently she had filed her papers that day and she and some of her lady friends gathered at The Sandbar to celebrate.  All was going well…until her soon-to-be ex-husband decided to drop by The Sandbar as well. With his new girlfriend.  The wife and the girlfriend started exchanging words (not sure where the husband was at this point) and it started to get a little physical. 

Morgan saw what was going on, so she went over to the women in an attempt to break up the catfight.  "We use our words here, not our hands," Morgan told them.  They didn’t care.  The wife pulls off her shoe and starts to beat on the girlfriend with it, and the shoe ended up hitting Morgan.  That was a mistake.  Morgan promptly picks the wife up, off the ground, and carries her kicking and screaming out of the bar.  Well, maybe not kicking and screaming, I’m embellishing a little here. But I could imagine it happening…

We found out later that the woman’s first ex-husband was in the bar that night as well.  And she ended up getting arrested and spending the night in jail, and none of her ex-husbands would bail her out. 

There’s definitely a lesson to be learned here.  If you’re going to celebrate your divorce, make sure you go somewhere that none of your ex-husbands might possibly be. And don’t hit Morgan with a shoe.