Since I’m sure you’d all like to hear a different perspective than mine sometimes, I’ve offered up "guest blog" spots to various folks.  Here’s a submission from Heather, Friday bartender extraordinaire. She’d like to invite all of you down to The Sandbar where the living is easy…

The glorious days of summer are here and what better to enjoy a day then sipping a frosty cold beverage while enjoying the sun? This is now possible to do at The Sandbar. We recently installed some nifty new gadgets that allow us to open the big picture windows. Allowing all of us to hang out by the fish tank and enjoy the summer weather with a beverage of choice in hand. I for one love to sit and people watch all of the comings and goings that occur just outside our doors.

In addition to our cool windows, we now serve frosty Bahama Mama’s. That’s right the drink you love (and the toys that come with it) is now available in a slushy form. This yummy little concoction sure helps beat the heat of those dog days of summer. Mmmmm… my mouth is watering just thinking about its deliciousness.

Another way I like to keep cool is with our awesome tunes on the jukebox. We have a splendid mix of tunes that seems to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Of course one of my favorites that I highly recommend is the “Cool Heather’s Music” named after yours truly.I bet if you take a look you will find an old favorite or two.

What better way to spend a few hours than sitting by the windows drinking a frozen Bahama Mama and listening to some cool tunes? So, throw on a Hawaiian shirt or your favorite summer flip flops and come chill with us.

Do you want to be a guest blogger? Send me something funny and maybe I’ll post it.