Some time ago I did a post about Margaritaville, and the three different Margaritaville’s that we had visited.  New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Jamaica. Now we can add Key West to that list. Img_0600

All of the Margaritavilles have their own distinct differences, and Key West’s location did too.  The decor was hurricane themed, complete with a swirling storm painted on the ceiling of the restaurant. We of course loved this, as it gave us new ideas for things we could do at our own hurricane-themed establishment. 

The menu may or may not have been the same as the others- we certainly weren’t there for the food.  The margaritas were good as was expected, and you can be assured that I’m not just saying that because we were in Margaritaville. I’m actually quite picky about margaritas, so if I say it’s good, then it must be good. 

One thing we’ve noticed about Margaritaville, though, is that it’s become so much more "corporate."  Instead of actual weathered wood signs with painted words, the signs are manufactured to look like weathered wood.  The manufactured atmosphere somehow just isn’t as charming as the original dive-bar look. 

Img_0602The cool thing we discovered in the Key West restaurant, though, was in the gift shop.  They have license plates from all over the country decorating the walls, and as we were standing contemplating whether or not to buy yet another t-shirt, Dave saw Patrick’s  license plate.  Yes, Peach’s brother’s very own "Creola" Kansas license plate was hanging right there in front of us! It had a label on it with his name and Img_0603location.  Of course we had to call Patrick and tell him that we just saw his license plate- forgetting that it was around 8 a.m. back in Lawrence.  As we kept wandering around the shop, we got a second surprise- Peach’s other brother Tom had a license plate there as well.  It was kind of exciting to see a piece of Lawrence, KS, in Key West.