An email update came in from Jake the other day, all the way from New Zealand…

John and I are still here in Queenstown impatiently waiting for snow. It’s been unseasonably warm, but hopefully the snow will start falling soon.

My old roommate, Erika, is down here visiting for three weeks – always good to get some Americans down here. We’re taking a week-long holiday around the South Island next week, so we can’t wait. We have obviously been terrible about the blog – I’ll see if John and I can possibly catch up on that.

I’ve got some big news – I took a job offer with the sporting good company I work for, and it will keep me here for a couple of years. I am working on some of their advertising and marketing as well as working on the shop floor. I’m pretty excited to say the least. John is still doin really well. He has climbed his way to the top at his casino bartending job – he even gets to wear a bright red vest with the four card suits on it. Classy!

Just making sure you’re all keepin on back home. Hope all is well.

I’ve requested a photo of John in his apparently classy red vest. 

Wouldn’t it be a fun Sandbar trip to go visit Jake and John in the land down under?  Maybe we should all start saving our money…