For those of you who don’t know the true Legend of the Hurricane at The Sandbar, here’s the story.

Once upon a time, there lived a strong and mighty fisherman named James Arthur Tuttle.  Known to his friends as Jimmy, he sailed the seas of the Atlantic ocean, enjoying the fishing and the beauty of the islands.

During a week out on the seas, near Bimini, Jimmy and the crew of the Bahama Mama were caught in a terrible, disastrous storm.  This storm was unpredictable and horrendous in strenth.  The crew did their best to keep hold of the ship, but to their demise, the ship 04jan93went into a spin.  No one knows how it happened, but the Bahama Mama and her crew ran up on a Sandbar off the coast of Key Largo.

The next morning, Jimmy woke to a vision of beauty staring down at him. Her ame was Kayla, and she was a mermaid.  She had pulled Jimmy out of the soon-to-be-collapsing ship and brought him to safety on the shore of Key Largo. Something about the mermaid stirred Jimmy as he was never before, immense and deep love that he felt for Kayla the first time he cast his eyes on her.

As the other members of the crew were beginning to wake up, Kayla told Jimmy that she must go.  Jimmy said, "No, I must see you again!"  Kayla, feeling equally as captivated as Jimmy, said she would meet him at the Sandbar the next evening at dusk.

Now, Kayla was not just any old mermaid, she was the daughter of the king of the sea, Neptune.  Her father watched his daughter return from the rescue and knew she was in love.  He just couldn’t let this happen! His daughter would not last out of the water, and he knew that Jimmy couldn’t join them in the sea.  Knowing that any parental interference would only make this worse, the King waited and watched as Kayla left the next evening, longing to see her love. 

King Neptune waved his mighty scepter and caused great currents.  Around and around he waved, causing great winds and a hurricane so strong that there was no way for the lovers to meet.  The legend goes that you can still hear the cries of Kayla for her lover shortly before all hurricanes at The Sandbar.

The End

The story of our hurricane was written by Peach Madl, pictured in her mermaid glory above.