Morgan is our favorite doorgirl. She’s mostly behind the bar now, and a super bartender too, but she is a rock star at the door.  The night of the Get Downtown! rally, she singlehandedly held back the crowds trying to get inside and into the beer garden.  This girl needs no help at the door.

Here are some fun facts about Morgan for you.

How long have you worked at The Sandbar?  Since August 2006.

How did you get the job?  I was a regular, and I was sitting at the bar one night (a little drunk, after closing time), and I asked Dave "how does one get a job here."  He said "they need to ask," so then I said "hey Dave can I have a job here."  I started a few weeks later.

What other jobs do you have?  I work at the Kansas Union.100_1440_1

Where are you from? How did you end up in Lawrence? From Dallas, I’ve been here for four years, for good ol’ K.U.!

Favorite job besides the bar? Teaching swim lessons, I get paid to get a tan for the most part.

Favorite drink to drink? Crown and sprite!

Favorite drink to make? Colorado Bulldog, I don’t know why, it’s just something different I guess.

Any specialty drinks? None yet…those big Monday night drinkers stick to beer most of the time.

Most embarrassing moment at the bar?  Hitting on Dave Ernst, now that we are friends we just laugh about it.

Favorite memory at the bar? There are way too many to pick from…

Favorite song on the jukebox?  Wow, that’s tough.  I love so many- but if I had to pick one, it would be Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!, it was my first love on the jukebox.

Song you never want to hear again?  Anything Disney. I didn’t sign up to be on a Disney cruise, nor do I want to be on one.

Favorite bar dancing song? Car Wash for sure!

How many dollars do you have on the wall?  1.5.  I have one with just my name and I share another one with a friend. Sandbar_christmas_party004

Favorite Sandbar float?  This year’s for sure, it will be my first Sandbar float!

Longest you’ve waited in line? 45 minutes!

5 Random Facts About Morgan:

1.  never been the mermaid for the hurricane.  {what??!!?? how can that be??!!??}

2.  hates cooking, but loves to bake.

3.  addicted to chapstick and sunglasses.

4.  hates wearing the color red.

5.  is super quiet when she is nervous.  {she knows this is surprising, because she’s been told once or twice that she’s loud. only once or twice?}

I’m pretty sure that Morgan can whip those NBA crybabies into shape in no time.