Last night at The Sandbar was certainly a good one…

Our old friend Chris Burns was in town. He’s a regular from years ago who is good friends with Peach and Ted. He lives in Maryville, MO, now and runs a bar there.

The Sandbar was also graced with the presence of some of the referees from yesterday’s KU-Nebraska basketball game (if you can call it that). One of the refs is from Maryville and is a friend of Chris’. These guys were hilarious- dancing all over the bar and having fun. We had a lot of Nebraska folks in last night too, but they were good sports about the game. Some of the girls from Nebraska were teaching the referees some Michael Jackson dance moves.

Apparently at least one of the referees was supposed to work a game today in Miami and had a very early morning flight out of Kansas City. We’re assuming he made it- we forgot to watch the basketball games today to look for him.

Last night was also one of our friend Shane’s last nights in town. He’s going to be moving out of state soon with his job. Lots of his friends were in to help him celebrate last night too. And, small world that it is, he’s also friends with Chris.

Overall it was a fun Saturday night with a great crowd, no problems, and good times.