Back in the beginning days of this blog, I talked about how I planned to spotlight an employee every once in awhile- fun facts about the staff that would help people get to know them better. I came up with a list of questions, some funny and some serious, and emailed it to all the employees who I had email addresses for, and sat back and waited. Would you believe that not one of the staff responded? I thought they’d be excited about being a topic on the blog. Maybe they didn’t read the email, or maybe they thought it was spam. I think I’ll just have to corner each of them in person and ask my questions.

I have a new plan- updates on past staff members. How fun is that? There are so many employees that even I don’t know. Dave’s going to make up a list of all the Sandbar employees he can remember who ever worked a single shift, and then we’ll start seeking them out. We’ll find out what they’re doing now, where they live, what they look like, and what they remember of The Sandbar.

It should be a fun trip down memory lane. If you’re reading this and you ever worked at The Sandbar, email us. We’d love to know what you’re up to these days. If you’re reading this and there’s a particular former employee you’d like to know about, email us. No idea who will be first up, so suggestions are welcome.