So, we recently got a postcard from Australia at The Sandbar, courtesy of our globetrotting boys Jake and John.  Apparently they actually wrote the postcard shortly after they arrived Down Under.  They just forgot to mail it until recently. 

In true Jake-n-John style the front of the postcard featured a topless beach. 

Dear Dave & Sandbar family,

Australia is a blast. We are finally settled in an apartment 5 mins from the beach, enjoying our jobs, and actually joined a gym.  I had to get this card b/c I saw my first topless sunbather on the beach today.  It was awesome.  Hope everyone is doing great back home.  We check out the blog anytime we get online. Ken, it’s summer here, so we are expecting a new summer of Ken.  Blair, we gave a carbomb to a rugby player and he threw up.  Papa Bear, we have a shot waiting for you down here when you’re ready. 


Jake & John

It’s a wide, wide world out there.  Imagine, some guys go their whole lives without seeing a topless sunbather.  I guess there’s always postcards.