It’s kind of funny to see how some of you wind up at this blog.

I have a web counter set up on this blog to track the number of hits and some other general information.  I can see the domain name you came from, like or or  That doesn’t usually tell me much, because half of the people in Lawrence use I can also see the time of day that each hit takes place, and how long the person stayed as well as how many pages they viewed.

The most interesting part to me, however, is the referring URL.  In most cases, there isn’t one. Those people likely are customers or friends of The Sandbar and just typed the blog address directly into their browser.  A lot of people came directly from the main Sandbar website. But others have ended up here because they are searching the web for something that may or may not have anything to do with us.

Searches for "sandbar webcam" and "sandbar dancing" would, not surprisingly, lead a person to our blog.  But, someone out there was searching Google for "super dave costumes" and was directed here.  Still others have searched for "indoor fun nashville" and "tuxedo thong" and ended up reading our blog.  Someone even was looking for "maynard’s birthday" and showed up here! What’s funny to me is that the Sandbar blog shows up on the first page of search results for some of these searches.

Lots of folks out there are looking for the elusive Dirty Banana recipe.  We talk about it, but we don’t tell you how to make it. Other people are looking for Halloween costumes, especially Dee Snider wigs and how to dress as a woman.

The internet really is an amazing thing.