Well it’s almost time for The Sandbar’s second favorite holiday of the year- Halloween!!

Every year the hunt for the perfect costume starts the day after Halloween ends. We have managed to stockpile enough pieces of costumes to fill several Rubbermaid tubs, and several of our friends have done the same. There’s a rack in the office at The Sandbar that houses even more costumes, many of them from St. Patrick’s Day. Needless to say, the Sandbar crew loves to dress in costume. We generally don’t even need a reason.

Contest_7 Sandbar

It’s amusing to see the costumes that people come up with every year. We see famous people, like Dr. Phil, pregnant Britney, Richard Nixon, and Billy Idol. The group costumes are always fun, like the Village People or the Gilligan’s Island castaways, or Blair and Ken’s impersonation of Wham! last year. Then there are the costumes that are just plain wierd, like the girl who wrapped herself in bubble wrap. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something completely outrageous appears. If you’re in the bar anytime soon, just ask Dave about his "Hammer" costume.


This Saturday, The Sandbar will have special promotions and giveaways from Captain Morgan and Bacardi. We’ll also have cash prizes for the best costume. Get there early and stay late!