One of the cool things about Typepad is that you can add photo albums to your blogs.  We take a lot of pictures at The Sandbar, and we love to share them with our friends and customers.  We also love to receive pictures from our friends, so if you have taken pictures at The Sandbar, send them to us at  Your pictures may end up featured on this blog or on our main website, which will be undergoing a major redesign (hopefully sooner than later!). 

I hope to keep a variety of photo albums available to readers of this blog, so that even if you can’t be at The Sandbar every time something fun happens, you can still look at the pictures and feel like you were there.  We’ll have picture albums for all of the big Sandbar events, like St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve, but also for other fun things that don’t necessarily happen every year.  The first album that I am adding will have photos taken at Jake and John’s going away party before they left for Australia.

Speaking of Jake and John….last we heard from them, they were becoming big fans of an Australian boxed wine, and Jake had to load John into a shopping cart and wheel him home one night.  Would love to have pictures of that….

Anyway, I hope you enjoy perusing our photo albums as they get posted. Scroll down the page, and the albums will be in the right-hand side menu. And remember, send us your pictures!