The most popular shot at The Sandbar is the Dirty Banana. This chocolatey-banana concoction was an instant hit after it’s debut in 2001.  Some of you may know where this shot came from; for those of you who don’t, here’s the story.

Dave and his lovely wife (that’s me) went to Jamaica to honeymoon in June of 2001, nine months after the hottest wedding day in the history of the world.  We stayed in Montego Bay at a Beaches resort, one of those all-inclusives where you’re *supposedly* not allowed to tip the staff.  Anyone with any experience in the service industry, or with Dave, knows this is a rule meant to be broken. We naturally spent a lot of time at the pool bar, drinking and chatting with the bartenders and slipping them sizable tips, under the table of course.

The most-requested drink at this particular pool bar was the Dirty Banana.  Like most of the drinks whipped up at the bar, it was a frozen fruity delight.  After a week of drinking, chatting, and much more tipping, Dave was able to drag the recipe out of the bartender on our last morning in Jamaica. 

Back in Kansas the search for ingredients began unsuccessfully.  Rum cream was nowhere to be located.  The ever resourceful Dave, however, found some clever substitutions and after just a few days had perfected The Sandbar’s version of our favorite honeymoon drink.  Since blenders don’t last long at the bar, and because they’re just a pain anyway, the Dirty Banana was modified into a shot.  And the rest is history.


Dirty Banana shots are on special for $2 on Friday and Saturday nights.