Another Sandbar Shirt in Africa

Sandbar fan Donna sent us a picture from Johannesburg already (you can see it here), but here's another one. We love these pictures with wild animals!


Email your Sandbar shirt pictures to us at

Sandbar Shirt in London

Sandbar fan Casey traveled to London and took her Sandbar shirt along!


If you've taken your Sandbar shirt somewhere fun- basically anywhere outside of Lawrence- let us know about it! We'll add your picture to our blog and our wall of fame at the bar.

Sandbar Shirt in Ethiopia

This is a new one! A Sandbar shirt made its way to Ethiopia:


Christopher emailed the picture to us, courtesy of the 35th mp company, 161 field artillery, Kansas Army National Guard.

Thanks, Christopher, and thanks for your service!

Sandbar Shirt in South Africa

It's our first Sandbar shirt picture from Africa!

Sandbar friend Donna recently sent us this photo:

Lion Park with Megan 044

It was taken at Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Donna says she has more trips around Africa planned, so she'll be sending more pictures. We can't wait to see them!

Sandbar in the Miami Airport

Once-upon-a-time bartender Kay spotted this in the Miami airport:


Sandbar is certainly popular. She said to excuse the bad shot, but she didn't want the guy drinking the bloody mary to think she was taking a picture of him.